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Corporate Traveller

Ace is a premier car rental service provider, providing prompt and efficient service to a large number of Corporates, Multi-national Companies, Public Sector Undertakings, Government Undertakings etc. We value mutual trust and are honesty in all our dealings.

Ace understands the requirement of the business traveller as it guarantees to provide services and products which are completely designed to make each business trip more productive. Whether a company is small or large, we have a unique service designed especially to meet each of your budget.

Corporate tariff is reasonable and designed for a long-lasting relationship. We enter into a corporate tariff plan with the company to provide cars to their employees, under the contract signed with the company. In addition, Ace offers special packages for airport transfers at corporate events, seminars, delegations etc., ensuring timely services for both departure and arrival by providing a dedicated resource to coordinate all the movements. We are well-equipped to handle multiple transfers during conferences, seminars or delegations. We also provide coaches, Volvos etc for corporate team travels.

Ace offers experienced and committed professionals, who cater primarily to corporate clients and hence understand their requirements. Bookings for all requirements are easily made through our centralised booking system. Our chauffeurs are well-dressed in their dapper uniforms and have great communication skills with domestic as well as foreign travellers.

Leisure Traveller

Are you planning a business trip or a vacation? And are you without a car? – Ace Rent-a-Car is at your service.

Whether it is for out-station guests, a wedding in the family or for a holiday, Ace promises to offer high-quality ground transportation service, which not only offers the best service but also value for money. Our services will fulfil your requirements, with a reliable and stylish car that has a comfortable and superior interior.

For on the spot rental, airport shuttle, or travel to any town - Ace rent-a-car is the perfect choice. We have special packages for airport and railway station transfers, as well as guides available at select locations.

Events, Delegations and Weddings

Ace is well-equipped to fulfil all needs related to management of conferences, seminars, weddings and events by dedicating resources that are specially trained to handle the same. We have a separate department full of experienced staff to ensure that all large events are professionally handled.

Ace has maintained a reputation of making good travel arrangements for countless high-profile weddings and events such as conferences for government delegations. It is our motive to bring you just that little bit closer to make your wedding perfect by taking away the stress of ground transportation. We provide ideal cars for you, as well as for your guests. Whether you need a car for the seamless travel experience of your guests, or one to bring the glowing bride home, Ace is at your service.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Ace offers special packages to travel agents and tour operators, providing cars to large delegations, groups, and foreigners, for short and long-term travels. We also organize coaches, Volvos for a larger group of people. Our attempt is to provide high-quality service while also benefitting the customer with our economical prices. Travel agents can hire a wide variety of commercially registered tourist vehicles from us. Our vehicles are well maintained and serve as a value addition to the services provided by tour operators and travel agents.

We promise that entire procedure is hassle-free, with no hidden prices, as our services are fully transparent.

Employees’ Transportation

Ace understands that the motive behind providing employee drop and pick to work is to ensure safety and promptness for employees. We are here to ensure that we give you the best of cars, in which the drivers are not only safe but also ensure timely pick-ups and drops. We understand that time is money for employees of BPO or other sectors, and it is our intention to make employee transportation simple, prompt, hassle-free and cost-effective. Special care is taken for women employees travelling at late hours at night.

With a 24-hour service, with an acute understanding of flexible timings, Ace is here to help you plan routes for your smooth working.

Spot Rentals – Long-Term or Short-Term

Whether it’s a car needed on the spot for a short trip, or for long-term lease, we'll have the right one ready for you. On the spot cars can be provided to you as soon as booking is provided to us. In addition, Ace offers special rates for airport and railway transfers, ensuring timely services for both departure and arrival. We are well-equipped to handle multiple transfers at one time by providing a dedicated resource to coordinate all the movements.

In case of long-term rentals, services such as maintenance and regular servicing of the car, insurance, breakdown assistance and damage repairs are also provided.

Corporate Leasing

Ace offers corporate vehicle leasing services at attractive rates. Corporate leasing is usually on an annual or a semi-annual basis, where an option of providing a vehicle with or without a chauffeur is also available.

We have a dedicated fleet of cars and a specialised team of members, especially for corporate leasing. Our cars, across all segments, are well-maintained and will ensure you have a hassle-free experience. Leasing a car on a long-term basis saves you from many headaches of car ownership, and yet provides you peace of mind and saves a significant amount of money. Services such as maintenance and regular servicing of the car, insurance, breakdown assistance and damage repairs are also provided.


If you want to drive, and not take your own car, then Ace has the answer. Ace provides you with cars not only with a chauffeur, but also on self-drive. We have a wide range of cars, especially available for the self-drive option. All cars are well-maintained and will ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

Do get in touch with us for your specific requirements, and we will ensure we have the best options made available to you.

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