Bow shooting prompts school security review

Bow shooting prompts school security review

School resource officer: Parents worried about kids going to “gunsite”

Police ask for witnesses in case of car chase after ‘torture’ video

Family members of two students wounded in Texas shooting ask for justice

A man who said he worked in the McDonald’s 바카라사이트restaurant where the shooting was taking place was arrested Monday.

Police arrested 33-year-old M우리카지노ichael T. Thomas at the Burger King at 1719 Fawn Drive in Richardson. He was charged with murder, as well as related charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim’s family members said they would call police “as soon as we hear a word from law enforcement and they take him to jail.”

A shooting at McDonald’s in Richardson

Danger: A police officer watches the scene from his car

“The parents need to send a clear message to this school, and our community. It’s something that has been going on for a long time and is no longer acceptable. That should be addressed today,” said Michael T. Thomas, the victim’s f더킹카지노ather.

Richardson police spokesman Steve Strickland told the Houston Chronicle the shooting is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers.

The victims were the mother of another boy who was with them when they went in for their meal in the restaurant.

On the same day the shooting happened, a similar type of shooting outside an apartment complex in the Houston suburb of Houston happened at around 8 p.m.

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Brian Halstead said a man and woman drove into a commercial area and began firing, wounding eight people. Nine others were treated at local hospitals.

One man who was in the middle of the shooting tried to fight the man at the time of the shooting, but got away after he was tackled and shot several times in the arm, Halstead said.

Authorities believe the man was the subject of a domestic violence charge, and the second victim also suffered a gun shot wound.

A man who identified himself as a family friend of the victim told the Houston Chronicle the father asked for the gunman to let him call 911 and talk to his son.

The family has not been allowed to see their son, and friends say there is only one person they know.